We finally made it …

DSC_0112.smallAfter several hours of sitting around at Berlin airport we finally got on the plane and arrived at Gatwick 1915 local time, a delay of 4.5 hours.


What a stress at Berlin airport: At first the flight was delayed by two hours, even the service-staff didnt knew about the delay, we got the good news from the internet. After one hour of waiting the delay increased to three and after another 30 minutes to four hours. At the end we waited 4.5 hours. But we had lots of fun at the airport, got some vouchers to buy food and drinks, relaxed under a tree and listened to strange south-east-european music 😉

Finally we arrived at Gatwick airport, where a minibus picked us up to go to Woking High. At half past nine we arrived at the school and met our host families.




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