London calling …

Heute geht es nach London. Und bisher haben wir auch schon einiges gemacht:

  • Themse mit London Eye (auch wenn wir nicht mitgefahren sind)
  • Westminster und Big Ben
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Horse Parade
  • Fotosession in englischer Telefonzelle und überdimensionalem Hund
  • U-Bahn fahren
  • Science-Museum / Victoria&Albert-Museum / Natural History Museum

… und was kommt noch?

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Oxford Street (Shopping)
  • Tower Bridge

DSC_0681_small   DSC_0720_small

DSC_0779_small   DSC_0792_small



  • Doreen Völkner

    Hey there, seems as if you are having a marvellous time and uncommon British weather.
    I hope you didn’t relax in those green-white deck chairs because a fee is charged for it 🙁
    Keep taking panoramas as long as possible (#Freedom of Panorama).
    Enjoy yourselves!
    D. Voelkner

    • als

      Hey, thanks for you comment. We just went by the deckchairs and saw a man charging the fees 😉 So we sat down on the brown-green english lawn.

      Took lots of pictures and will keep publishing them.

      Enjoy your Leipzig school week 😉

  • Ilona Zöphel

    Hi folks,
    you all look great under the English sun and you will be well-prepared for the heat wave we are expecting tomorrow with temperatures up to 36 degrees.
    Enjoy your time left in Britain. The blog is a wonderful idea to get informed and entertained. No wonder-the expert is with you…
    See you
    I. Zöphel

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